This Sunday's game between the New York Giants and the New York Jets is a very intriguing matchup to say the least.  The Jets sit at 3-3 overall coming off of the bye week and the Giants sit at 2-5 overall coming off of a must win game vs the Washington Commanders.  It sets up for a 1 p.m. kickoff at MetLife Stadium where the Giants will be the home team, even though both teams play at MetLife.  Somehow the Jets are 3-3 with Zach Wilson as their starting quarterback.  Their defense is legit and keeps them in games.  They have a lot of very talented playmakers who attack the ball and play as a cohesive unit within the scheme.  The Giants defense is starting to play better but the offensive line has been very poor.  It doesn't matter who plays quarterback whether it's Daniel Jones or Tyrod Taylor, they have little to no time in the pocket.

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The game should be close and honestly I think whoever wins the battle of the line of scrimmage wins the game.  The Giants need this game more to try and salvage their season while the Jets do still need this game for the AFC playoff picture.  The Giants need to do a better job of utilizing more of their offensive weapons, for instance Jalin Hyatt and Darren Waller.  Daniel Jones should start Sunday and we know Zach Wilson will be starting so it won't exactly be a quarterback duel but it's a big matchup of regional interest that I can't wait for.

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