This may be the greatest endorsement deal ever handed out by a company. For all of those who have taken issue with TiVo and Hanes paying Tim Tebow despite his below average on-field play, this one may make your head explode.

Greater Than, a company that specializes in coconut water, has hired former NBA journeyman Brian Scalabrine to help them spread the word about their natural hydration. At face value, hiring a former baller to endorse your sports drink makes sense, it’s just that normally that player averaged more than 3.1 points a game during his career.

Scalabrine became something of a cult hero and internet sensation during the latter half of his career, mostly due to his unique appearance. In a league dominated by athletic specimen, Scalabrine’s pale, cumbersome frame and ginger red hair were quite a novelty. During his stint with the Celtics and the Bulls, Scalabrine became the face of countless memes and was dubbed “The White Mamba,” a spin-off of Kobe Bryant’s nickname. Apparently, The Mamba has embraced his following.