Jeff Van Gundy got on his soapbox regarding flopping in the NBA.  I couldn't agree with Van Gundy more.

There is just something that is just unmanly about acting like you're getting knocked down when you really aren't.  It drives me crazy when players exaggerate physical contact.  I hate flopping in soccer.  Sometimes, players act like they're missing a limb when they weren't even touched.  I hate flopping in the NBA.  I hate flopping in the NFL.  Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson pulled a ridiculous flop against the Cleveland Browns last season.  I hate flopping.

At the time, I said on "The Noe Show" that Simpson should've been fined for his horrid flop.  I truly believe that a player should receive a fine for exaggerating physical contact to that degree.  The latest flopper was Miami Heat guard James Jones.  During a 93-85 win by the Miami Heat over the New York Knicks on Sunday, Jones embellished some contact by Knicks guard Iman Shumpert.

There are much more egregious examples of flopping than this, but it sparked a tirade by ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy.  I couldn't agree with Van Gundy more.  He mentioned that floppers should be fined and receive a technical foul if the flop is completely absurd.  Amen!  Play defense like a man, or flop and suffer the consequences.  The NBA needs to make this happen.

Brian Noe is the Program Director at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” weekdays from 1-3 pm ET on WTMM.