When Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome broken leg during Louisville's Elite Eight win over Duke on Sunday, many reacted by calling it the most horrific injury of all time. Louisville is now trying to capitalize on that injury financially by selling merchandise featuring his jersey number.

Louisville Cardinals Team Shop

The catch phrase "Rise To The Occasion" has been featured by Louisville on merchandise earlier in the season, so they redid those shirts to incorporate Kevin Ware's number 5 prior to the Final Four.

On one hand, this could be seen as a nice tribute to Ware, who will surely be a source of inspiration for the Cardinals during this weekend's Final Four games, starting with their matchup against Wichita State on Saturday.

Then you look at the price tag and see that Louisville is charging $24.99 for each of these shirts and remember that under the current rules set in place by the NCAA, Kevin Ware is not allowed to see one cent of the shirts that were made entirely because of him.

Maybe I'm wrong here, but some of this money should go towards helping the guy who just shattered his leg for the financial benefit of everyone besides himself, right? But don't worry, that will never happen thanks to the NCAA's desire to line its own pockets instead of the young people who are forced to play under them in order to advance in the game of basketball.

In the end, someone not named Kevin Ware is going to make a bunch of money off of these Kevin Ware t-shirts, and Kevin Ware is going to have no money and a broken leg, a leg he broke while laboring for free for Louisville, when the university and the NCAA were profiting from the free work of Ware and his teammates.

He may never play again, but Louisville is making sure to squeeze every last dollar they can out of him, $24.99 at a time.