The classic 2nd guess- and in my view the wrong guess. In light of Bulls star Derrick Rose's season ending knee injury suffered Saturday in the closing moments of the Bulls blowout of the Philadelphia 76ers, Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau is getting creamed by the back seat drivers and the know it alls-after something happens of course.

Ok the setup- 1.15 left in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quaterfinals. Bulls vs 76ers. Bulls up 12. Mind you the Bulls had a big lead most of the game. Philly coach Doug Collins was imploring his team to end the game right and keep playing to the final whistle. Teams have used end of game rallies to rally for the next game. On the Chicago side coach "Tibs" had his regulars in the game as a huge lead was being eaten into. Hey a few missed free throws, a 3 here and there and we have a game. Ask Knick fans about this scenerio. Knicks vs Pacers. Reggie Miller. Need I say more. I say finish the game strong and send your own message.

Well anyone who follows this stuff knows what happens next. Rose while not being contacted goes up for drive to the hoop and lands awkward and wrenches his knee and is out for 6+months meaning the #1 seeded Bulls don't have their MVP for the remainder of the playoffs. The Bulls chances may well have gone down in a heap just like Rose.

Today the know it alls--after it happens- are blasting Thibodeau saying Rose shouldn't have been in the game, and they further their case by saying look how fragile he was during the season which he missed 27 games, including 6 of the final 11. I say this is exactly why he should have been playing!

Not only do you want to close the game strong, but Rose is rusty and needs the work. Just look at the Knicks using Amare Staudemire playing in the regular season finale against aweful Charlotte. Amare missed much of the regular season and down the stretch and needed the work. I feel the same about Rose.

Let's face it players can be hurt on the most innocent of plays at any time. Athletes get hurt towling themselves off (see David Price of the TB Rays). Injuries happen. The fact that it was a no contact play tells me that the knee was fragile and could have gone at any time, same as with Knick Rookie Iman Shumpert. Injuries happen.

It's unfortunate. If you are a Bulls fans it's frustrating. I get that. But blasting the coach of the year, and possibly if he wins it again the 2 time coach of the year is wrong. It very well could have been at practice. What will the 2nd guessers-after the play happens-say then? he shouldn't have been practicing? knowing the know it alls-after the play or games happen-they would put up a stink then cause they know it all-after the play or game happens.

Now if Rose had played more this year, or if the 76ers weren't finishing strong then I could see the 2nd guessing but taking all the circumstances into play in my view having Rose in the game was the right call.

By the way I wouldn't just scratch Chicago from title hopes just yet. B.J Watson and John Lucas Jr did a nice job for the Bulls this year in the many games Rose missed. Chicago has a talented roster and is deep at the position. Sure neither of these players is Rose but the Bulls led the league in scoring defense despite the 27 games missed by the  defending MVP. The Bulls will still polish off Philly then get to the 4-5 winner wither Atlanta or Boston. You gonna tell  me the Bulls can't beat either of them without Rose?

I had the Heat winning the East regardless of Rose so if the Bulls get to the Eastern finals I had their run ending right there and then.

Rose is a tremendous player and talent no question. You don't get MVP by mistake. However the injury he suffered under the situation he got hurt tells me Rose's knee was weak and unstable and could have come just as easily at the next days shoot around. Pummeling coach Thibs and questioning this great coach is classic 2nd guess and when you always 2nd guess-after the play or game-I guess you can say you are never wrong. For my money the Bulls coach made the right call!