Mike Woodson has been fired as the head coach of the New York Knicks and is anyone surprised? 

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Phil Jackson was brought in to run this organization and even Woodon's biggest backer, Larry Brown, said that the Xen Master and Woody did not mix well together:

"I don't think it's a good marriage," said Brown, last week with Colin Cowherd on 104.5 The Team. "Phil believes in the triangle. I don't know if Mike has the same philosophy that Phil has."

The argument from Woodson is that this time a year ago he brought the team to the post-season with 54 regular season victories and their first series win in 13 years. Plus, he was only given two years in the organization.

But look, franchises and teams evolve. After a horrid first half of the season in which the Knicks had more home-losses by December than they did all of last year, Owner James Dolan felt like a big brain in the front office needed to come in and change stuff up.

Jackson doesn't his time doing things. Make no mistake, he was hired with the idea of letting Woodson go and making this Phil's team.