Four days. 48 interviews with a combined 19 Super Bowl rings. Radio Row was a blast. Here are a few of the highlights (in no particular order)

- You know what? Good for Champ Bailey for finally making it to a Super Bowl. The dude has been one of the best defensive backs in the game and he will get a chance to earn that ring on Sunday. His early reward was having to deal with me at Media Day.

- Let's be honest, in a room surrounded with thousands of guys, any female is going to get a lot of attention - but Robin Carlin of Mountain High Network deserved it. She's so good looking that my phone magically appeared in her hand and she talked to Joe and Brix. Weird how that happened.

Reporter Robin Carlin

- I've watched ESPN's Linda Cohn my entire life on SportsCenter but meeting her in person was an entire different experience. She's genuine, opinionated and a very passionate New Yorker who loves her job, life and people. Very impressed with Mrs. Cohn.

ESPN's Linda Cohn

- Former Giants wide receiver Michael Clayton came by to pub his new book but them let me put on his stinkin' Super Bowl ring! In fact, he encouraged. The longtime Bucaneer is a positive entrepreneur who I believe has a future career in media somehow.

- Best facial hair of the week goes to Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel. It's almost as impressive as his play on the field and he talks to his beard as if it's an actual person. It's kind of freaky, but a cool dude for sure. (Who bathes himself in Head & Shoulders)

Steelers DE Brett Keisel

- Team listener Jason Hymes of Albany won our contest of which listener's question I would ask Richard Sherman. So I asked him how much many it would take to cut his dreds. Congrats, Jason - On SportsCenter, Richard Sherman was asked what the craziest question he got was. His answer? "Some guy asked me if I'd cut my dreds!"

- Jack Youngblood is known as the toughest NFL player to ever play the game. Known for actually playing in two games with a broken leg, Youngblood trashed today's NFL (which was awesome, listen to the audio) and then allowed me to take a selfie with him - let it be known that I taught Jack Youngblood what a selfie was and then was in one with him! #Winning

Jack Youngblood

- For sure the most fun was had at Media Day. In my opinion, that's not the time to ask conventional questions - it's the time to have some fun with the guys. Kudos to Seahawks offensive lineman Michael Bowie who chooses boxers over briefs and Taylor Swift.

Seahawks OL Michael Bowie

- Want to get a dumbfounded reaction from current NFL players? Ask them if they smoke marijuana. Hey, it's a legit question! The Super Bowl is hosting teams from the only two states where recreational weed usage is legal!

- Credit to our Digital Manager Ariana Sheehan at Media Day who saw Destiny Child's Michelle Williams and said, "Armen, go sing 'Bootylicious' to Michelle. So I did. #PeerPressure

- Haven't you always wondered if Miss America gets tired of smiling? Yeah, me too - so that's what I asked her.