The below opinion piece is from 104.5 The Team's studio host and producer Mike James. Remember you can hear Mike online at's podcast section as a co-host of Sittin Sportside Podcast.

As a life long Jets fan, Mike offers his take on the rookie quarterback Sam Darnold.

Why Despite being a Jets fan Sam Darnold gives me no hope.

As a lifelong Jets fan, god has it always been very painful. From watching Bill 'I cheat every chance that I get' Belichick walk out a day after accepting the job, to the infamous Mark Sanchez butt fumble, to well just the last 6 or so years just being an absolute disaster, being a Jets fan hasn’t been fun. Keep in mind I was never one to hate on the Rex Ryan Experiment, as it was not his fault that he failed as a coach with the Jets. That fell on the GMs he had in Mike Tannenbaum and John Idzik. Those two morons couldn’t put a winning team on the field if you handed them a list of Hall of Fame Free Agents.

Mark Sanchez started off well. He took the team to two straight AFC championships, right? Wrong. The Jets went there thanks to their defense! They went in spite of Sanchez! That team had an exceptional defense and a pretty darnn good running game! Well, a few years later Sanchez gets hurt and commits the infamous butt fumble! What a Disaster!

The Jets haven’t actually had a quarterback since Joe Willie Namath! The last halfway decent quarterback that they had was Chad Pennington! Now, obviously, with such a high draft pick this year, their only logical option was to go quarterback! Here is where my major issue comes in, Every quarterback they seem to draft is always an EPIC and boy do I mean EPIC FAILURE! Sanchez is pretty much no longer in the league. Bryce Petty is searching for a job. Christian Hackenberg who, mind you, was a joke in college at Penn State. I have even had Penn State fans admit this to me.

Going into the 2018 NFL draft, the Jets sitting 6th overall with a second round pick this year and two additional ones in the 2019 draft did maybe the STUPIDEST THING EVER! Let’s give up our 6th overall this year plus our second rounder this year plus our two next year to move up three spots to 3rd overall. Problem with this move you ask? Let’s just talk about the complete and utter lack of talent that exists on this team! Their number one wide receiver right now is a former quarterback HELLLOOOOO!!! Did you know that a QUARTERBACK IN TERRELLE PRYOR! So instead of using the 6th overall pick and getting a quarterback and turning those three-second rounders into some useful talent that can actually help this team move forward they trade them to the Indianapolis Colts and Draft Sam Darnold Quarterback from the University of Southern California.

Sam Darnold what a joke this kid is! First and foremost let's name a good quarterback to come out of Southern Cal not name Carson Palmer! I’ll wait let me know when you can name just one. I’ll give you a hint there isn’t one! After Palmer, there was Matt Leinart who is out of the NFL. Then came John David Booty who basically never made it to the NFL. Who was followed by Mr. Butt Fumble himself Mark Sanchez who mine as well not be in the NFL. After Sanchez was Aaron Corp who I’m pretty sure if you’re not related to him you don’t have any clue where he currently is. Matt Barkley is currently a backup at least he has that going for him. Mitch Mustain and Max Wittek were mixed in there as well who were they? Cody Kessler was the latest of Victims to whom he went the Browns poor kid never had a chance there. He may be okay.

Now came Darnold who was nothing short of a no good pretty boy. After a decent but mediocre Redshirt Freshman year the expectations were high of the pretty boy! Well, the pretty boy went out and had a GOD AWFUL SEASON! He threw for more yards than he did the previous year, however, his touchdowns were down and his INTS were up! His rushing attempts up but yards were down! I am no USC fan by any means but I have seen enough tape on this kid to know that he is NOT and I REPEAT NOT A NFL quarterback! Some of the throws that he made are just plain STUPID and ignorant! I do not want anybody like that leading my team!

Baker Mayfield went first overall to the Browns. By the way, did you see his first game? He looked pretty darn good! Yes, the guy may be an arrogant nut and may not be the most professional person in the world, but he has heart and hates to lose! Sam Darnold will continue the USC quarterback legacy in the NFL and suck! He will be out of the league in 3-4 years! Sorry, even though I am a Jets fan this will come back to bite them hardcore, as it should! I want to win but I want to win the right way! Give me a Quarterback who actually knows what they are doing out there and isn’t incompetent!

Sam Darnold is not the future of the Jets. Future waterboy maybe but that's about it! Let's face it, no USC quarterback will ever be great in the NFL or be anything in the NFL other than Carson Palmer. Sorry, I have absolutely no faith in this kid! Mike McCagnan needs to go! He’s as incompetent as the rest of the schmucks! Sam Darnold will prove to be nothing short of a waste of 3 second round picks!





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