From Marshawn Lynch's Super Beast run, to stuff you never seen before, these are some great highlights that will keep you entertained throughout the entire video.

How about these highlights?  It's definitely a unique mixture of insane sports highlights.  Some of the extreme sports highlights are ridiculous.  That looks like about a 70-foot wave (:50 mark).  All of the highlights of people doing flips while diving into water are crazy too.

I'm personally a huge fan of the arcade hoops guy at the 3:27 mark.  That guy is awesome!  I'm hopeful that his off-the-charts-arcade-hoops skills help him with the ladies.  Based on principle, it would only be right for that to be the case. 

The highlight video also shows how crazy Marshawn Lynch's Super Beast run was also (2:10 mark).  There are highlights of extreme sports in this video, yet Lynch's run fits in perfectly.  That's a heck of an NFL run if your highlight fits in seamlessly with 70-foot waves and a guy taking a sword to a bullet (3:47 mark).  The DJ dog at the end is just pure genius.  Great stuff!

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