Alex Rodriguez is now working at FOX as an analyst for the MLB playoffs. A-Rod has a reputation as being a very astute player, capable of picking up on tendencies and intricacies of the game.

He will work for the network throughout the playoffs.

FOX had this to say about the decision:

"Alex is one of the most compelling figures in Major League Baseball and has a great feel for the nuances of the game.  We’ve always felt he would be an incredibly insightful analyst if he ever wanted to give it a try."

But on Sunday, A-Rod made a debut on the FOX NFL Sunday Pregame show, breaking a monitor in the background of FOX's set.

A-Rod attempted to hit Jay Glazer with a pass and overshot him.

I'm not quite sure why A-Rod is clapping at this, and why Terry Bradshaw appears so happy about the broken equipment.