It's hard to believe that we are down to just one game left in the 2015 football season. Starting in July, we've been agonizing over training camps, preseason games, the regular season, the postseason, fantasy football drafts, football video games - and more.

With that said, we brought on ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter to get his take on the Super Bowl - and the injuries surrounding it.

Will Panthers LB Thomas Davis Play after breaking his arm? Will Jared Allen play and be a part of the pass rush that tries to get to Peyton Manning?

Furthermore, we asked Schefty if he remembers a Super Bowl where the quarterbacks were so different. Peyton and Cam Newton are so different in terms of both age and style of play.

Finally, Levack and I each got to ask a fan boy question: Levack wanted to know where the Raiders will be playing in 2016 while I wanted to know if Marshawn Lynch is going to be retiring.

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