The week in the life of Johnny Manziel gets a little more interesting this week...

First, we hear this:

And then, we hear this:

First things first: Manziel's football future is in serious question. To be dropped by two agents in the span of just a few months is unheard of. Agents are supposed to the people who support you above all else, who get paid to do so, and these guys can't even stand behind him. How could an NFL team who is paying Manziel have any faith if those paid to support him can't even do so?

NEXT: For Manziel's real life... It's important for Manziel's life to see how this pans out. Right now, Johnny Manziel is a trainwreck for himself, but criminal records are a far different ballgame for Johnny Football.

The Manziel saga is no longer "cool" or "funny." It's just sad. I hope he figures it out before it's too late.


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