We were treated recently to an Al Davis press conference  - here are my reactions on what went on.

Yesterday I turned on “Sports Center” and I thought that I was watching an old episode of “Tails from the Crypt”. To my relief (I don’t like scary movies) it was just an Al Davis press conference to introduce the Raiders new head coach Hue Jackson, well at least that’s what we all thought.

Mr. Burns (sorry I meant Al Davis) was on TV talking about all the bad things Tom Cable did as coach. Besides the jaw breaking coaches, ex wife disliking classics we already knew about, Tom went on to (according to Davis) have another women sleep over on road trips.  WHAT? WHAT? A guy would have women who aren’t his ex wife with him on road trips.  What a classless move by Tom Cable, or it is expected that a single guy would look to not be single any more. At least he was single half of his players are married and at the same time using all the ladies they can get to father an army of kids ready to take over Oakland.

He also kept referring to the Raider way. The Raider way, THE RAIDER WAY! What’s that? Is it years of under performing ands over spending? Is it being a horrible judge of talent? Is it looking like you died 4 years ago, and the only thing holding you together is Band-Aids and track suits?

The Raider way died when you moved the team from Oakland to L.A. and then back to Oakland. The Raider way is nothing more then an idea from the 60’s and 70’s, the same decades where cigarettes where part of a balanced breakfast.

Al your team is more of a disgrace then the guy who gave “Jersey Shore” the green-light. There is only one way to fix your team Al, you need to get your mummified remains into the closest Egyptian tomb, and leave the team the hell alone. You have proven your judgment is gone, your one step away from selling the team to fund building condos in Florida, which would have been better then drafting Jarmarcus Russell.