The long-awaited return of Arena football to the Times Union Center in downtown Albany may have to wait a little longer unless Governor Andrew Cuomo acts quickly. The Albany Empire is supposed to return to action on Saturday, May 22nd at 7 pm but that is far from a done deal at this point. A source close to the team has told me that if Cuomo does not announce that indoor capacity will be increased to at least 25% in time for the Empire's home opener by April 1st the 2021 season would be canceled.

The Albany Empire announced an abbreviated season with a later start in an effort to make sure they would be able to have fans here in Albany. At the speed things were moving at the time it seemed as though 25% capacity by May 22nd would be a sure thing. However here we are on March 22nd and the Times Union Center is still capped at 10%. My source said that if the announcement that the indoor capacity will be expanded to 25% isn't made by April 1st AKA a week from this Thursday the Albany Empire would have no choice but to cancel the 2021 season and focus on the 2022 season. At which times all fans that have already spent money on tickets for the 2021 season would receive their choice of a full refund or credit that money towards tickets for the 2022 season.

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The Times Union Center would not confirm nor deny reports of the 2021 Albany Empire season being in jeopardy but did confirm that money already spent on 2021 tickets would be refunded or credited to the 2022 season if no 2021 season were played.

If you'd like to voice your opinion to the governor's office you can contact him HERE.

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