The Albany Empire have their quarterback or should I say they have him back? Head Coach of the Empire Tom Menas joined Levack and Bahl to kick off today's show and break the news that Tommy Grady will be back under center for the reigning AFL and hopefully future NAL champion Albany Empire.

You can hear how excited Menas is now that his roster is coming together and he has his quarterback. Don't take my word for it, listen to Coach Menas' full interview below.

Two major announcements from Menas today. First Tommy Grady is back and second is that he will have a contract in hand to sign someone at Saturday's open tryouts. The Albany Empire roster is coming together and you could be on it if you impress Saturday at Afrim's Sports Park.

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Take a look at some of the Empire roster that you and 3-time AFL MVP Tommy Grady could be playing with this season at the Times Union Canter. Click HERE to learn about a few of the newest members of the Albany Empire that Coach Tom Menas was talking about in the above interview.

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