The new era of Indoor or "Box" Lacrosse here in Albany is only months away. In the 18 years since the Capital Region hosted the "Albany Attack" the outdoor version of lacrosse has gained a lot of steam. So is there a difference between the two games and if so what is it? Albany NLL Transition player John LaFontaine's description of Box Lacrosse paints a seriously exciting picture of what fans will see at the Times Union Center later this year.

First off having not played lacrosse since high school I had to ask what exactly the "Transition" position does? Turns out he does A LOT! Transition is the equivalent of "Midfield" in the outdoor game which means LaFontaine "transitions from offense to defense" throughout the game. Which means that a Transition player could run over FIVE MILES during a Box Lacrosse. The best sales pitch I've heard for the indoor game so far came when I asked LaFontaine to explain Box Lacrosse and he said it was like "a combination of Basketball and hockey with the collisions of football all in one." Sign me up! Listen to Albany NLL's John LaFontaine's full interview below.

I love when he says "WE HATE TO LOSE!" You can feel that's not just lip service. LaFontaine is a competitor that hates to lose maybe even more than he likes to win.

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The Albany NLL's debut season begins the first weekend in December 2021.

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