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The Firewolves explained their name in a press release:

“The Albany FireWolves is a unique name that represents what we are going to be on and off the field,” said George Manias, Team President.  “On the field, we will be fierce, like a wolf and intimidate foes who come into our den.  A planned fire, like a fireplace or fire pit, always encourages a gathering.  Our games will be a gathering place for our fans to rally and support our team onto victory.  We will be one with our community, like a PACK and become the alpha in the Capital Region as we will offer our fans the live sporting event and entertainment value they have grown accustom to.”

The FireWolves logo features the team's official colors, a maroon red, a fiery red, a dark purple, and grey accent. The logo encapsulates a unique mystical wolf emerging from fire with fierceness and strength. The entire brand identity was designed by Upside Collective, a local firm providing branding, graphic design, web development, video production and visual effects.

The team's inaugural season motto "PACK the House!" will symbolize the organization's plans to create a pack mentality and becoming one with the local community.  In addition, it symbolizes filling the seats each and every game to support the on-field product featuring a tough, fierce lacrosse team coupled with a world class game entertainment experience.  The FireWolves’ inaugural season is set to begin in December and all home games will be played at the Times Union Center.  More details on the 2021 schedule will be announced at a later date.

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