The days of saying "the Albany NLL team" are rapidly coming to an end. Tomorrow at the Times Union Center we find out the official name of the Lacrosse team that will call the arena on South Pearl Street home. Today I introduce you to another member of that team, Colton Watkinson.

It has been awesome to meet the men that will reintroduce the Capital Region to indoor lacrosse. The plus side of it is having an idea just who these guys are as we wait for the games to begin in December, the downside we still have to wait until December. When I asked Colton Watkinson how he felt about the three potential names for what once was the New England Black Wolves he said he's loyal to the old name but excited to be part of the new Albany team. Listen Watkinson's full interview and find out what "average TOF" is.

Georgia Swarm vs. New England Black Wolves
Photo Credit: Chris Poss
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Okay, I feel a little dumb I couldn't figure out TOF meant "Time on Field" but I really like that every member of the Albany NLL team (I CAN'T WAIT TO STOP SAYING THAT) has no problem taking the time to explain Box lacrosse to me even things that probably seem dumb to them. Follow all the latest team news at

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