The 2018 American League Championship Series is a joke! If Major League Baseball had any morals at all they would disqualify both the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros and start the series over with the New York Yankees and The Cleveland Indians because there's proof that both the Red Sox and the Astros are cheaters.

The MLB has tried to forget chunks of its history and has banned individuals for cheating and breaking the rules yet they sit quietly while the Red Sox and Astros make a joke of their rules. Let's start with the Red Sox, a team who's fans have mocked rival fans over the use of Pine Tar by ONE of their pitchers. I have endured the jokes and insults because cheating is wrong and what Micheal Pineda did by obviously uses a foreign substance which is not allowed by pitchers was clearly wrong. However now that there's proof the Red Sox have multiple pitchers also using Pine Tar to gain an unfair advantage no one says a word.

Follow the link to this Tweet and you will see evidence of Pine Tar use by Boston.

Meanwhile the Houston Astros have an employee that has been removed from Progressive Field during the ALDS and now there are reports he's been attempting to steal signs from the Red Sox as well.

SO I'd like the see the League strike both teams from the post season and put the farthest advancing honest teams in their place! This is not my ALCS. I'm with the Yankees and the Indians.

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