So funny I spotted this gem just a couple of days after talking about the "King And His Court", but this isn't about the King, this is about the Loudonville Queen, Alexis Rollis.

All this young lady has done is pitch 6-yes 6 no hitters (eat your heart out Nolan Ryan) and did so again last week leading her Loudonville team to a 27-0 drubbing of  Sharon Springs and leading the lady Loudonvillers to the section II-class D quaterfinals.

Rollis struck out 18. Nolan, you ever do that?

After the latest whitewash Rollis said " I wasn't expecting this (6th no-no) but it fells really good". That's being modest.

The offense took care of the light lifting as Loudonville banged out 18 hits, Led by Justine Markinson who went 4 for 5. Her teammate Stephanie Zaloom had 4 hits including a 3 run HR.

Next up for Loudonville is the semi final vs Central Hudson Valley league on Tuesday in Loudonville.

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