When I woke up Wednesday morning, I was glued to the reports and rumors still circling from a Tuesday afternoon radio interview which more than hinted that the Giants head coaching position might be enough to extract Nick Saban from the machine he has built at Alabama. By the time I arrived at the radio studios at 104.5 The Team (around 8:45am), our lead story was trumped by Pat Leonard's report that Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is now the favorite to land the Giants job.

Just to be clear, I didn't think Nick Saban would take the Giants job, nor did I think the Giants would offer the job to Saban knowing his demands would certainly equal, if not pass, what Jon Gruden is making in Oakland and the exorbitant buyout it would require. And I haven't bought into the Bill Belichick rumors for one second. All of that said, I was still surprised that Matt Patricia's name has seemingly risen above all other candidates to this point. Patricia doesn't "look" like a head coach of the Giants. Ben McAdoo was shamed for his appearance in an over-sized suit at his introductory press conference. McAdoo's 'do was mocked, before and after he went to the Pat Riley slicked-back look. Selling yourself with appearance is all part of the job. But, of course, so is winning and there certainly isn't a head coaching candidate out there smarter than Patricia.

The former RPI offensive lineman graduated with an aeronautical engineering degree and as Pat Leonard of the Daily News wrote, "A rocket scientist has blasted his way into the lead to be the Giants' next head coach." Check out Pat's report and his segment on Big Board Sports from Wednesday morning below:


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