Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski (24-10) was supposed to fight Frank Mir (18-9) a decade ago. Even with all that time in between these two legends of the octagon are as strong as ever, and ready to fight at UFC 191 on Saturday.

After falling off the fighting world,the former heavyweight champion Arlovski has riddled off big wins in the past year. His three-minute destruction of Antonio Silva last September established him as a serious contender once again in the the UFC’s heavyweight division. Then came the war with a man he called a brother Travis Browne in May where he won in fabulous fashion. When asked about how it was being in a ring with a man who at one point let Arlovski sleep on his couch, he said " It was hard to be honest with you, but it was all business."

The 36-year old has redeemed his career as a legit contender to Champion Fabrício Werdum. " I think I still have a few more years, I'm not done yet" Arlovski said, and to anyone that thinks he's out " F*** those guys"