The great and special season for the New York Knicks finally came to an end on Sunday with a 130-109 loss in Game 7 at Madison Square Garden to the Indiana Pacers.  It was a terrific run and I love how tough this team was.  They always competed and hustled.  The problem ended up being their overall health as several key players were injured and their starters logged way too many minutes.  The Knicks are here to stay in the NBA's Eastern Conference for years to come now and that will attract other superstar players to come to New York.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

Indiana beat the Knicks at their own game on Sunday to win game seven in the Eastern conference semifinals. The Pacers were the tougher team and defended and rebounded at a higher-level. The Knicks have no bench, and it reared its ugly head on Sunday. And the Pacers made shots and the Knicks did not and at the end of the day the Knicks couldn't stay healthy, and their dream season ended in disappointing fashion. The Pacers shot an incredible percentage and when the Knicks lost their MVP Jalen Brunson with a fractured wrist the game and the Knicks season was over.

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Now it's onto the offseason for the Knicks where they will have to sign some pending free agents and see about some internal contract extensions and negotiations.  The Knicks will be back at it and be a playoff team next season and they shouldn't hang there heads because they exceeded virtually everyone's expectations and had a special year and a great run.

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