Alex Rodriguez was once one of the most polarizing figures in sports due to his on field performance. While some enjoyed his frequent displays of power, others lamented over his lack of postseason success. Today, however, with Rodriguez unable to play due to injury, public opinion against A-Rod has turned decidedly negative.

The only times we hear about Rodriguez these days are when his injuries push his desired return date further back, or when his name is implicated in another steroid-related scandal.

This begs the question: are you getting tired of hearing about A-Rod's off-field issues?

On one hand, his issues outside of the field of play have left him out of the Yankees lineup, which has opened the door for other capable players to step in and fill the void, guaranteed to not cause as many issues from a team chemistry perspective as A-Rod. Hearing about his issues has served as a relief of sorts from his return to the ball club, something that not many people even want anymore.

However, it does get very annoying hearing the same two predictable story lines about the same guy over and over again. We all know that he is going to be too injured to return by the next projected date and that his name is going to emerge from more performance enhancing drug busts. Why are these things even considered news anymore?

There are good arguments to be made on both sides, so take our poll below and make your points in the comments section.

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