The fact that the Yankees find themselves only 2.5 games out of the final wildcard spot is a tribute to Manager Joe Girardi's ability to maneuver a bullpen and  starting pitching that has been consistent if not special. However as they try and plug holes in their lineup, the Yankees starting pitching is showing signs of not holding up.

Start with CC Sabathia. he has allowed at least 7 runs in each of his past 3 starts, a career 1st. The big fella's breaking ball is staying over the plate and his speed is down after off season elbow surgery. The Yanks have reason for concern. Not only has Sabathia not eaten innings, but he must win on a more consistent basis or there will be no post season. Sabathia continues to maintain he has no health issues. You have to admire a player that makes no excuses.

Then there is Andy Pettitte. His last outing against Texas inspired some confidence. However it was the 1st time in 4 starts he didn't bury his team in a deficit their feeble offense couldn't overcome.

Finally there is the baffling Phil Hughes. he was awful against Tampa Bay, unable to hold a 1st inning 3 run lead. For some reason Hughes seems content getting beat with his secondary pitches instead of throwing effective cheese. See his hanging slider to Wil Myers of the Rays that he clubbed for a 3 run home run, wiping out the Yanks 3-0 lead. Myers took Hughes deep again in the 5th inning, ending Hughes's day.

That's 3/5ths of the starting rotation showing signs of ineffectiveness, while the team searches for another bat to add.

Rumors have the Yanks dangling Hughes to try and attract a bat. His 4.6 ERA and propensity to give up home runs( 20 this year so far) has many concerned what value he really has.

So just as the Yanks appear to be getting some health restored to their lineup with the return, again of Derek Jeter and the acquisition of Rafael Soriano, the pillar of their club, their pitching, is leaking. It might just be too much for the Yanks and GM Brian Cashman to patch up for a 60 game run to the post season!

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