I normally don't write about women's sports cause I don't care much about women's sports. Then again, once in a while something so stupid comes along you are compelled to talk or write about it. Oh, the politically correctos and nose ring brigade (those whose wives or girlfriends drag their man around by the nose) will tell us why not when it comes to the stupid idea hatched by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban that he would draft Baylor standout Brittney Griner.

To say this is absurd is an understatement. It also incites the politically correct faction and that is fine with me. There is NO chance - NONE, ZERO, ZILCH - that, as good as Griner is playing with the ladies, she could do anything but fail and fail terribly trying to compete with men.

I'm not even sure why we have to go through this nonsense again. Danica Patrick can't race with men. Annika Sorenstam couldn't compete on the golf course with men, but somehow Brittney Griner could compete with the boys in a physical game like basketball? Please, as I said: NO CHANCE.

Hopefully NBA commissioner David Stern will stop any notion of Cuban playing the fool. But I am not sure if rules prohibit Cuban from doing just that. Griner would get mashed in the NBA. Then the feminists would have a cow when she got beaten up, whine the rules need to be modified and, well, you know where it goes from there.

The best part is if you are against this absurd idea, the politically correct crowd will call you names like "sexist." You are always an "ist" in their minds if you believe women can't compete with men and shouldn't be asked to or even try. Some of the same fools will then hit you with the "you know at one time they said blacks couldn't compete with whites" or some stupid take like that. Yeah, I can see the equivalence. Um, not at all.

We live in a sick world where some believe that women should be allowed to compete with men. They can, until they get to the college level or pro level. Don't blame men. Don't get all mad and breathing fire. Blame God if blame must be attached. He created the sexes.

Griner is a terrific player, so I hear. Good for her. The WNBA or perhaps some European league awaits her. Funny, men can't play in the WNBA. Nor should they be allowed to because they would dominate.

In some parts of Europe they make boys sit on the toilet to go to the bathroom. I'm not kidding. Some believe there is no difference in the sexes and shouldn't be. That is one example, but it shows how sick some are.

There are differences in the sexes. There are many things women do better than men. There are many things men excel at better than women. What's the problem? The notion of a co-ed NBA is laughable. However, when it comes to bad ideas, Mark Cuban leads the pack.

UConn head coach Geno Auriemma is exactly right. The idea is a "sham" and should never be allowed to even be tried. Griner will get hurt and the game will change for the worse. The men's game and the ladies' game.

Cuban said yesterday that "nothing harms an organization or company more than a closed mind. " Wrong Mark. Worse than that is a mind that is so open that your brains fall out.

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