Hours before Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and St Louis Blues, ESPN NHL Insider Barry Melrose joined Levack and Goz. Is there any hope left for Blues' fans or is it time to accept the fact that the Bruins are about to win their 7th Stanley Cup?

Melrose spends the NHL off season here in Upstate New York so of course we sneak in some New York Rangers questions but the first who's going to win the Cup? Barry Melrose starts by instilling hope for Blues' fans but then the mood seems to change. With Steve Levy sitting to Melrose's side he pretty much called it a day for the Blues. If the Bruins win tonight it's just too steep of a hill to climb for St Louis to come back and win their first Cup. So it's a "Must Win" tonight for the Blues. Hear the full interview below.

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