Jets linebacker Bart Scott is not a big of the NFL plans to eliminate two-a-day practices.  Bart Scott makes an interesting argument to back up his stance.

"I think it's wimping out, making football more soft," Scott told the Newark Star-Ledger on Tuesday.  "No reason to try and make camp easy.  Two-a-days, it's what football is all about.  It's about endurance, pain, will, putting yourself through something when your body is telling you it doesn't want to go.  Your mind controlling your body.  That's what camp is all about.  With one-a-days, guys might not be in as good of shape as they would have been.  Camp tears you down, and then a smart coach starts pulling back in enough time that allows players' bodies to build back up."

Bart Scott makes a very interesting point.  There will be some negative effects on players as a consequence of eliminating two-a-days.  Sure, some injuries in training camp (including head injuries) will be lessened.  However, that doesn't mean that it's a win-win all across the board.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis missed training camp last year due to his contract dispute.  He battled through a hamstring injury throughout the first half of the season.  His body wasn't in football shape and he admitted as much.  Reducing the workload in training camp will leave a lot of players more susceptible to injury in the regular season due to a lack of preparation and conditioning.  Reducing the number of head injuries is extremely important, but eliminating two-a-days is not a win-win all across the board.  Good point, Bart.