It doesn't matter if you're a retired NHL veteran, an offensive lineman in the prime of your career, or anyone else. Chugging a beer is timeless. It's forever.

A week or so ago, Jets' offensive lineman Dan Feeney went viral with his mullet-clad beer chug during the Islanders' first round match-up against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Surrounded by his teammates, Feeney chugged a beer, slammed it against his head (which I'm sure gave Robert Saleh a heart attack) and hyped up the crowd. A legendary performance, for sure.

Over the weekend, however, Islanders legend Clark Gillies gave Feeney a run for his money.

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Here's Exhibit A...

Again, this is a legendary performance. Being surrounded by your teammates is a great advantage to have, as you have your hype crew built in around you. And, no matter your performance on said chug, you know your boys will have your back.

Not to be outdone, however, here is Exhibit B...

Now, was this as energetic and chaotic as Feeney? No. But, here's the thing. GILLIES IS 67 YEARS OLD! Chugging a beer has no age limit, but for a guy who played hockey in the 1980s, slamming something against your head does have a limit.

Who wins? It's hard to say, but my gut says Dan Feeney, because he did it again a few nights ago.

Legen. Wait for it. Dary.

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