New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn't known as a cuddly guy.  He takes his blunt and direct approach to the next level in this video clip.

Bill Belichick isn't exactly the friendly neighbor who says nice things to you from across the fence.  Not, at least, when he's standing on the sidelines during an NFL game.  Wide receiver Derrick Mason knows this first hand.

NFL Network did a special on Bill Belichick called "A Football Life".  The special featured many unique looks at the head coach on and off the football field.  

Belichick was also wired for sound on the sideline.  He is seen in this clip talking trash to Derrick Mason.  The wide receiver was playing for the Baltimore Ravens at the time.  He currently plays for the New York Jets.  The Patriots play the Jets twice a year.  Belichick will have more opportunities to cuss out Mason this season.  We all win!


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