The New England Patriots started the Legal Tampering Period of NFL Free Agency very uncharacteristically signing just about every player they could find. The apparent upgrade in talent at many positions has had many fans and insiders proclaiming that the Pats are back as the BEAST of the AFC EAST! Boston Globe Senior NFL Writer Ben Volin thinks there's still work to do for the Patriots to overtake the Buffalo Bills.

It's so hard for fans to remember that teams who go crazy signing people in Free Agency rarely have success in the season. That's a point that Ben Volin makes and he's seen it happen for teams outside of New England for years but now it's the Patriots trying to fix years of bad drafting with a very expensive overhaul.

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The main issue is still the problem left behind when Tom Brady left for the current Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The quarterback situation of Cam Newton, Jared Stidham, and others for the Patriots leaves a big question over this roster that the Bills has answered with Josh Allen. The Patriots still have cap room and the draft so this could change but right now it's still the Bills and everyone else when it comes to the AFC East. Let's be honest pending upon what the Kansas City Chiefs do with their offensive line the Bills might be the best team in the AFC altogether.

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