It was a rough road for former Buffalo Bills Quarterback Nathan Peterman but his days with the Bills are finally over. After not one but two quarterbacks came in off the scrap heap and out performed a man that had two years to figure out the Bills offense it was finally time for the Bills to release the interception prone signal caller.

Peterman's two year long stint with the Bills will end with a pretty terrible stat line. Peterman appeared in a total of eight games for, four a year and amassed four times as many interceptions than touchdowns. Three passing touchdowns to 12 interceptions. Peterman also ran for one touchdown however he did fumble twice.

There's no telling if the 24 year old out of Pitt will ever get another chance in the NFL but no one can say that the Bills and head coach Sean McDermott didn't give him ample opportunities to make his way in Buffalo.

On a related note the Bills have already named rookie Josh Allen as their starting QB for their next game following this week's bye.

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