The new season of the NFL reality show like none other "Hard Knocks" debuts Tuesday, August 6th at 10 pm on HBO. This season the Oakland Raiders are the subject and I for one am thrilled. There are a number of obvious story lines but could former Buffalo Bills' QB Nathan Peterman steal the show?

I know you think I'm crazy when I say a man with 3 career touchdowns and 12 career interceptions in just eight appearances could steal the show but hear me out. Obviously Antonio Brown and John Gruden will get tons of attention but every season there's a story line we don't see coming. This year I'm predicting that Peterman will do what he does and that's excel in practice and preseason. In 3 preseason games Peterman has a QBR of 124.7 compared to his regular season QBR of 30.7. Gruden has already said Peterman is growing on him. You watch there will be a story line about how goodd Peterman really is and he will get his share of airtime.

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