The 'Baby Bombers' have been carrying the team over the last month or so and have given us some great baseball to watch. Over and over again, we reminisce about how many of these players remind us of the 'Core Four' with Jeter and the gang, but lets not forget that this core of young Yankees talent isn't quite all-together just yet. The biggest piece to this Yankee puzzle is Greg Bird.

Bird, likely the best hitter of the bunch, is in the midst of recovering from a shoulder injury suffered earlier this past off-season as the Yankees were preparing for spring training. Obviously the loss of Bird has really shown with the lack of production coming from the firstbase position. But Bird is the Key piece to the future success.
Bird has all the tools you want in a first-baseman. He can play a solid defense, combined with his powerful hit-to-all-fields bat, and a great head on his shoulders, what's not to be excited about?
I can see it now...Bird, Sanchez, Castro, Didi, Judge, and Frazier. What a scary lineup that will be down the road.


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