My long running rivalry with "E-Sport Guy" has been ongoing and honestly annoying. Somehow people attempt to paint me as anti-video game. That's just not the case. I love playing video games. I just don't consider them "sports." So here's proof of my love of gaming, the best first person shooter I've ever played is about to release it's third major edition of the franchise, Borderlands 3 will be released this year!

I love the story and the crazy graphics. I've played every game in the series MULTIPLE TIMES!!! I will be first in line to grab Borderlands 3 when it hits store shelves on September 13th of this year.

For everyone that has been waiting for the "Game of the Year" edition of the first Borderlands game, I have great news. You can down load it right now for Xbox One and PS4. BTW If you want to join me in a campaign I'm "Levacktion" on the PlayStation network.

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