Maybe it's because I've been on a diet or maybe it's just because I love food but I would love to go to the "MLB FOOD FEST" this Summer. MLB's Food Fest will feature a specialty food from all 30 MLB Ballparks and since Budweiser is the main sponsor there will be beer also.

MLB FoodFest is a one-of-its-kind event that gives fans the opportunity to taste special menu items from ALL 30 ballparks. We're talking the D-Backs' Churro Dog, the Mariners' toasted grasshoppers, the Dodgers' Sisig Fries, and so much more, all in one indoor space. In addition to the ballpark bites, the indoor décor will include food-inspired activations and interactive exhibits perfect for your Instagram feed.

Sadly the closest the MLB Food Fest will come to us is somewhere in NYC and those dates haven't been announced yet. What food would you like to try from any of the MLB parks?

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