There are some things that never change. Like the Patriots topping the list of NFL over/under win total projections. But, here is one thing that should change: expectations for the 2019 New York Jets.

Sportsbook operator CG Technology released win totals for every NFL team for this coming season and I'm getting ready to call a friend or complete stranger in the desert to lay money on the Jets beating 7 wins. That's the number set for a revamped franchise in what could be a bad division.

There is due respect given the reigning Super Bowl champions with New England slotted to win 11 games, more than any other team in the  NFL, but I'm all-in on the Jets in 2019. The way this team is being rebuilt reminds me of when Rex Ryan first arrived in East Rutherford. That's when the Jets had a young QB, strong running game and 'keep you in every game' defense.

I probably overstepped on the radio this week by outright picking the Jets to win the AFC East, but I'll stand by it; out of sheer stubbornness or just a wing and a prayer to be right on a longshot.

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