Tonight my facebook page is blowing up with Yankee fans who are enjoying the harsh conclusion to a baseball record held by their hated rivals the Boston Red Sox-Oh and the fact that the Sox blew a 5-3 9th inning lead in losing to the Baltimore Orioles 8-5.

Boston's record of 820 consecutive sellouts came to an end Wednesday night. Not sure if the weather was a factor but it hasn't been all these years so that would be an excuse.Boston had sold out 794 straight regular season games and another 26 playoff games.The announced crowd was 30,862. Famed Fenway fits 37,493 so the end was a lot of empty seats.

Almost 10 straight years the Sox sold out albeit with some controversy. 1st of all capacity at the cathedral known as Fenway has been raised as they have show horned in more and more seats. In addition the Sox claimed that during their awful 2012 season they sold enough seats to consider the game a sellout despite many empty chairs.

The streak defeated the all time sell out mark in pro American sport, previously held by the Portland Trailblazers at 814.

The Red Sox shattered the old baseball mark which was 455, set by the Cleveland Indians from 1995 through 2001.

The end of the streak was not a  surprise and has been speculated on much of spring training when the ball club saw their advanced sales lagging.

Perhaps the smart folks are those that didn't come to the ballpark. Rain caused a delay after 5 innings and the game tied at 3. Sadly for those that did attend they saw Joel Hanrahan give up 5 runs in the 9th including 2 home runs. Manny Machado the big time prospect struck the big blow, a 2 out 3 run round tripper that ended Hanrahan's night and capped the end of a dreary night in the Hub

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