With Bite gate and longest travel ever for a Stanley Cup tonight looks like a must win for Boston and their faithful fans. So what will happe? Will Vancouver live up to their potential, or will Boston start an epic come back that only their in town baseball brothers can relate to? Let the game 3 predictions start.


The Canucks have been playing solid hockey against a team that has been able to keep up stride for stride in the Boston Bruins.  From the epic goal tending of game one to the phantom over time of game 2 this series has been one of 2 evenly matched teams.  Vancouver has been getting the breaks so far like Alex Burrows getting in the right place just 11 seconds into over time, but I feel tonight Boston will have their day.

Boston has had a amazing net minding by Tim Thomas snagging 30 or more saves in the first two games of the Finales. In the same breath Luongo has been equally spectacular on the other side of the rink. All this said I think the home town atmosphere of the Garden will elevate a spurned Bruins team high enough to pull off one or 2 victories before heading back to the Pacific North West for game 5.

Look for a physical game tonight with a little more offense then the first 2 games. Also look for a flat playing Boston to have a little spark in their skates as they take game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finales.