Check out this absolutely brutal knockout.  Sign this guy up for MMA right away.

During a highly-intense game of Futsal (which is indoor soccer played on a hard surface), all mayhem breaks loose.  The guy in white (#8) objects to a failed slide tackle by the guy in black (#10).  After scoring, the guy in white taunts the guy in black.  The guy in black doesn't care for this.  (By the way, this story would be much easier to write if I knew the names of the soccer dudes). 

Anyway, guy in black decided to turn guy in white's lights out.  Guy in black might have a future in the UFC.  He nailed guy in white Patrick-Swayze-Road-House style.  The most ridiculous part of this whole video is that guy in white's teammates do absolutely nothing to retaliate.  I'm sorry, but if an opponent goes UFC on one of my teammates, it's on.  That's weak, team in white.  Right or wrong?  Freakin true.

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