I remember watching the second round of the NFL draft and scratching my head when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved up to grab kicker, Roberto Aguayo, with the 59th overall pick. Right now, Tampa Bay management may be doing the same thing. 

The Trouble for Aguayo, a rookie out of Florida State, started in his first preseason game v.s. the Eagles. The same guy who went 198-198 on extra points in college stepped up and missed his first NFL extra point attempt. Eye brows were raised. In his second preseason game against Jacksonville he missed a field goal...then he missed another. Aguayo made 69 of 78 FG's in college for an astounding 88.5% conversion rate. It was a rough introduction to the NFL.

Unfortunately, things have somehow gotten worse. Tuesday, while in a joint practice with the Browns, Aguayo, the highest drafted kicker since 2005, missed three of his six attempts. One of those kicks was from 35 yards, while the other two came from 45 yards. The typically encouraging preseason crowd began to loudly boo. What makes matters worse for Aguayo is that the kicker the Bucs dropped from their roster to make room for their shiny new franchise foot, now plays for the Browns. His name is Patrick Murray and he went 4-4 in that same joint practice.

How could this be happening? How is one of the best to ever do something, overnight, not good at that thing? Aguayo seems to think it's a mental thing and will be worked out. I'm not so easily convinced. The kid better start showing the same signs of promise that got him drafted or the Bucs will show him the bench.