The MLB Trade Deadline has come and gone and the New York Yankees were oddly quiet. ESPN MLB insider Buster Olney joined Levack and Goz over the phone while we were at the Saratoga Racecourse to recap and try to make snse of not only the Yankees but also the New York Mets.

Let's actually start with the Mets. Buster admitted he like just about all of us was shocked when the Mets pulled off a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays to add pitcher Marcus Stroman. Buster doesn't seem very confident in the Mets chances to continue their hot streak and make a playoff run either.

The Yankees making no big move to add pitching seems to be more of an availability and cost situation more than a shift in strategy. Listen below to hear Buster's full thoughts and don't forget Buster is coming to the Capital Region Wednesday, August 7th. Get full details HERE.

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