It's been almost two weeks since we spoke to ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney and in those two weeks A LOT has changed. Just about every New York Yankees star is on the Injured List and the New York Mets have had a pretty bad run in with injuries as well. Put that together with one of the biggest "Unwritten Rules of Baseball" debates in years and it's a great day to get Buster on the phone.

Starting with the Yankees, since we spoke to Buster Gleyber Torres is also hurt and of Course you can add Zack Britton to the IL. Are the Yankees in serious jeopardy of being overtaken by the Tamp Bay Rays? Will the injuries play a major factor in the rest of the season? Will the Yankees be buyers at the MLB Trade Deadline? All the answers are in the interview.

Great news for Mets' fans. The NL East hasn't been the power house we all expected so Buster thinks the Mets still have a chance! Jacob deGrom is back and Pete Alonso's bat is waking up so one of those top two spots could belong to the Mets meaning a trip to the post season.

The biggest topic of the week has easily been Pittsburgh Pirates young star Fernando Tatis Jr's breaking of baseball's unwritten rules. Where does Buster stand on swinging at a 3 - 0 pitch with the bases loaded in a game where you have a solid lead? Spoiler alert he thinks the outrage is silly. Listen below.

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