Sure New York Mets' first baseman Pete Alonso hasn't had the start to the 2020 season we all hoped he would. But the phenom who set the baseball on fire last year during his 53 home run rookie of the year campaign is still great. ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney had an opportunity to spend time with Alonso and even fish with the power hitting superstar. Buster lets Levack and Goz know what really makes Alonso great.

Pete Alonso is the subject of Buster's latest article on and the E 60 special "Poking the Polar Bear" Sunday night at 5 pm. Even if you're not a fan of the Mets it's tough to not like Pete Alonso and Buster's article and the E 60 special are going to solidify why that is. From bullied as a child to the Rookie of the year and toast of New York.

Buster also covers the latest news and concerns surrounding baseball. It may shock you to find out that Buster who we lovingly call "Dr Doom" hasn't let recent news out of St Louis make his perspective darker. He feels as though the league will continue... for now. Listen to Buster' full interview below.

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