Buster Olney dropped many interesting takes on the Yankees this past week with Armen and Levack, including his comparison of this year's Pinstripes roster.

"In a weird sort of way they remind me of the Kansas City Royals," said Olney, on 104.5 The Team. "It seems weird because the Royals are young and athletic and the Yankees are not.

"But they’re structured in the same way, where they’ve got a great bullpen, a tremendous bullpen, with a lot of guys who throw hard, and they have what should be an excellent defense.

"Chase Headley is outstanding. Didi Gregorious is a huge upgrade at shortstop over what they had last year. Teixeira is a limited player overall but he is still a really good first-baseman. Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Chris Young, if he ends up getting a lot of innings in right field, and Brian McCann. That’s a really good defensive team.

The Royals won the American League last year and eventually lost to the Giants in the World Series.

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