Today was the tenth week of "Cady's Corner," a 1-hour show covering all of the major headlines and games in College Football. Brian Cady will host the show every Saturday morning from 10-11am during the season, breaking down local and national teams every week.

Segment 1: Brian discussed the latest stories regarding conference realignment, including Boise State trying to use "leverage" against the Big East Conference before they even JOIN THE CONFERENCE!

Segment 2: Brian was joined on the show by 104.5 "The Team" freelance writer Andrew Santillo of the Troy Record, who discussed conference realignment, gave an update for all three local teams and gave his prediction for the LSU-Alabama matchup.

Segment 3: Brian took several phones regarding the LSU-Alabama matchup and the "Big Not So East" Conference.

Segment 4: Brian gave out five games to consider for "Show Me The Money," where his record currently stands at 20-14-1, and reveals his prediction for LSU vs. Alabama.