Cam Newton was a star in college. He won't be a star in the NFL.

I simply don't see NFL stardom in Cam Newton's future.  The NFL is a completely different level than college.  It cracks me up when people mention that Cam Newton had the highest accuracy rating in college football last year, as if it'll translate into NFL production. 

There have been countless quarterbacks who put up huge numbers in college (JaMarcus Russell, Colt Brennan, Ryan Leaf).   JaMarcus and Leaf aren't playing football anymore and Colt Brennan just signed with the Hartford Colonials of the UFL.  Don't waste my time talking about passing numbers in college.

Cam Newton isn't a polished enough passer to be a star in the NFL.  He struggles with accuracy and he ran a highly simplistic offense at Auburn.  I doubt that he will ever be a good enough passer to be a big success in the league.  There is no doubt that he isn't polished enough right now.