One of the biggest free agents this MLB offseason is current St. Louis Cardinal, Albert Pujols.  The Marlins have officially moved to a new stadium, have new uniforms and have one big free agent signing in Jose Reyes.  They are aiming for Pujols now, but the Cards aren't giving him without a fight.


The Miami Marlins currently have a deal on the table for Albert Pujols and it's a 10 year one worth around $200 million.  Obviously they are trying to rebuild a franchise and put people in the seats.  As crazy as the marlins offer seems for someone who will be over 40 at the end, the St. Louis Cardinals aren't prepared to give him up without a fight.

St. Louis has reportedly offered Pujols a deal for 10 years worth $220 million, but the biggest difference is the fact that Miami's deal apparently has no, no trade clause in it.  After talking with both sides yesterday, Pujols and company decided to break till later today and then resume discussion.

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