Proceed with caution while viewing this video.  This quarterback’s ankle looks like something out of a horror film.

Okay, I warned you.  The injury that quarterback Matt Nichols suffers could cause you to lose your lunch.  Nichols suffered a dislocated left ankle during a 42-26 win by the Toronto Argonauts over the Edmonton Eskimos on Sunday night.  The injury was obviously completely disgusting.

The interesting part about this situation is that we automatically feel badly for the injured player.  We rarely think about the other player who accidentally caused the injury.  A comment by Toronto Argonauts’ defensive end Ronald Flemons struck me.  “It’s hard to see and you feel really bad about it.  I didn’t mean to do it,” Flemons said following the game.

It’s an interesting thought; we hardly ever even think about the player who accidentally caused the injury.  I wrote a story on three weeks ago about South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore who suffered a season-ending injury against Tennessee.  Tennessee cornerback Eric Gordon tackled Lattimore low and accidentally caused the injury.

The late Ole Miss cornerback Chucky Mullins was paralyzed after hitting Vanderbilt fullback Brad Gaines in 1989.  Gaines felt so responsible for the injury that Mullins suffered that he often traveled to Mullins’ gravesite to clean his tombstone he felt so badly.

Football is a physical sport and sometimes things just simply go wrong unintentionally.  Depending on the outcome, the player who accidentally had a roll in the outcome of an injured player is significantly affected also. 

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