South Carolina running back suffered an absolutely hideous knee injury against Tennessee on Saturday.

I typically avoid stating reasons why you might not want to view the videos that I post in my stories on  However, I feel that it's necessary to warn you that if you have a weak stomach, you might want to proceed cautiously with your viewing of this vid.

Lattimore had his knee shattered on Saturday when Tennessee cornerback Eric Gordon went low to tackle him.  It wasn’t a dirty play at all.  It was simply a low football tackle that had an atrocious end result.  Lattimore’s leg had to be reset on the football field following this injury.

My heart goes out to Lattimore.  He got emotional while being carted off the field.  A million things had to be racing through Lattimore’s mind.  All of the work that he put in during the offseason was ended instantly.  His NFL draft status was immediately altered.  It’s just a rough deal all the way around.

South Carolina was able to beat Tennessee 38-35.  You wouldn’t have known that South Carolina won based on Steve Spurrier’s press conference.  Spurrier was emotionally drained following the gruesome injury to Lattimore’s right knee.  Hopefully, Lattimore will be able to rehab his knee quickly and rebound in a similar fashion as Willis McGahee who also suffered a brutal injury in college.  (Video below: If your stomach hasn’t betrayed you yet.)

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